Ever since I can remember, I was busy setting goals and achieving them. I even kept a paper planner back in high school so I could keep track of my progress towards achieving what I wanted to do. I quickly realized that much of what I did was “busywork” and only some of what I did brought me fulfillment.

I discovered that if I shifted my focus to the things that brought fulfillment and fired me up instead of just the things that kept me busy, I achieved success faster and I was much happier. Then I really started thinking about how I could feel fulfilled and happy each day.


I began mapping out Passion Projects early on. Some were small while others were larger. Some have beginnings and ends while others will continue on endlessly. As a result, in my adult life, this behavior has served me well to keep doing things that fire me up.

I get out of bed each day excited and invigorated to make awesome things happen and you can too! Find something you are passionate about and do something with it! Brainstorm. Talk about it. Get going today!