To me, creating happiness is the very foundation of living a happy life and feeling joyful. Happiness is a skill rather than a state of being. It is something you actively do, not something that happens to you.

I’ve felt this pull to share this simple message with the world as a reminder that we are each in charge of how we feel every day. We are in responsible for the energy we bring to the world, whether we are positive or negative. We can be resilient and remain happy no matter what.

The concept of creating happiness permeates into every area of our lives. Whether you are in a business situation or one of personal matters, you have an impact. How you show up in the world is up to you. How you feel is up to you. Are you ready to start creating happiness with me? I promise you’ll love it!

Here are the six steps on how to start Creating Happiness:

1. Decide To Be Happy All Day, Every Day.

Be intentional about being happy. There is no sense in trying to create happiness if you really don’t want to be happy. I know that sounds crazy, but thoughts of being undeserving or having a victim mindset can paralyze one’s ability to choose to be happy. I’m here to tell you that happiness is your birthright. You deserve to be happy. And if you feel like the world is against you, perhaps you should change your perspective and start seeing all of the good that is in the world. If you are tolerating things (or people) in your life that make you frustrated or bring you down, consider minimizing or eliminating them.

2. Creating Happiness Starts In Your Mind.

Once you decide you want to be happy, you must spend time shaping your thoughts. Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine. When you find yourself thinking negatively, interrupt that thought pattern and replace it with something positive. Fill your mind with positivity and protect it from any negativity. You’ll soon master your thoughts and the decision to be happy will get easier and simpler.

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” -Abraham Lincoln

3. Creating Personal Happiness Comes First.

Creating personal happiness is of utmost importance to bringing joy to the world. Define what makes you happy. How can you be more consistently positive? What changes can you make to create a happier environment? What kinds of happy moments (a.k.a. “twinkle moments”) can you plan throughout each day to have things to look forward to?

4. Make Creating Happiness Contagious.

Happiness is contagious and grows when it is shared for both the giver and receiver. How can you be creating happiness for others? What can you do to bring positivity into someone’s day? What moments can you enjoy right now…in this present moment? What twinkle moments can you create in someone else’s day?

5. Creating Happiness Brings Joy To Relationships.

Every relationship is different, but one thing is certain, happy relationships need attention. Take time to nurture yourself and others. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be respectful and mindful of feelings. Be grateful. Be supportive. Set your relationships up for success by finding out what is important to the other person/ people and do it.

6. Creating Happiness Brings Joy To Work.

I often hear that leadership shapes how happy employees are at work. While they do have an impact, each person can create happiness in the workplace. It starts with the same concept of nurturing yourself and others, whether they are your co-workers or the clients you serve. Decide you are going to create an awesome experience for others that work with you. (And be ready to become the shining star at work!)

If you are a leader, be mindful of the happiness of your employees. Find out what their needs are. Be a solution for them. Support and lead them with positivity. If you let this slide, you may just be causing churn with both your employees and your customers.

You can learn a lot more about Creating Happiness here…and join the movement on Instagram at @creatinghappinessmovement

Have a lovely day!