Make Awesome Happen!

Hello July!! It’s my birthday month and I’m SO excited! But I should let you in on a little secret before all of the celebrating begins!

I sat at my desk yesterday looking at my goals for the year and the progress I made. While some goals were already achieved, I hadn’t even touched others. And the ones I didn’t touch are going to move the needle in both my business and my life.

I felt that yucky sinking feeling settle into my stomach as I stared at the empty progress bars. I had become so focused on other things that I hadn’t event touched those big goals. Immediately I felt discouraged and like a failure. (A feeling I don’t allow myself to feel for very long.)

I figured it was time to flip that switch in my mind relating to these big goals and instead of feeling bad about not making the progress I wished to make, I decided that today, July 1st was going to be the beginning of achieving those goals. I wasn’t going to avoid them because they are hard…I’m going to turn them into my AWESOME GOALS, which automatically makes me feel positive about them already. It’s time to make awesome happen!

Here is how I break down goals to achieve them faster:

1. Decide which goal is the most important to achieve and outline that goal first. Itemize each step, decide what is needed that I don’t have and calendar everything.

2. Work on 1 goal at a time.* (No wonder I hadn’t achieved all of my goals yet…it wasn’t time to. I was achieving the other goals I had set for myself.) To see progress, I only needed to work on 1 goal at a time. Pretty simple! This one decision not only took away the feelings of discouragement and failure, it helped me feel highly motivated.

3. Begin. I woke up this morning in a hotel in Palm Desert (it is going to be well over 100 degrees today!). I read up on a few articles, outlined what I needed to do in a digital format so I have easy access to it. (I’m notorious for writing on napkins and sticky notes and putting them in a “safe place.”)

4. Stay consistent. I’ll be working on my progress each day this week. (I actually have it mapped out for the month so I protect the time I need to work on the project.) I like progress bars. It is more fun than a checklist and still gives me the feeling of achievement when I see the progress. I am using a planner right now that has them…and I LOVE coloring those in!

*A note on one goal at a time. It is possible to work on more than one goal at a time if they are unrelated. For instance. I want to lose 5+ pounds in the month of July. I can do that by eating right and making time to take care of my body with exercise and rest while I work on my business goals. I can also make time to be a great Mom and be present for my children which is a family goal.

So it’s July 1st! A fresh new month! What Awesome goals are you working on? I’ll be launching my first online training program at the end of the month. I can’t wait to share with you the tools and tactics used by hundreds of entrepreneurs to generate new business!

You can do it! I believe in you!