Creating Dream Teams

One of my favorite things to do is to assemble groups of talented individuals into a team and create synergy for our clients. Sometimes I’ve worked with the team players before and sometimes I haven’t. But I’ve always felt that by setting each person up for the win, together we all succeed.

The Keystone To Team Synergy Is the Leader

I learned a whole lot about servant leadership when I was in college. When I first heard the term it didn’t resonate with me as my vision of what a servant was had nothing to do with being a leader. Then I became a Mother and servant leadership became crystal clear.

I could help others become their best, improve their talents and set them up for win after win all while being the leader. I then took these same principles into my business, working with people from all walks of life, and that’s when the magic began to happen. My approach as the team leader was different, so my teams were different. They were awesome!

Adapt an All-In Mentality

There is magic when you approach situations with “I’m going to make this great no matter what.” When everyone has this mindset, even in tough times, awesome things can happen. Do you remember the last time someone had your back? The rewarding feeling you had when you had someone else’s blind side? That is what I’m talking about. Give your best efforts to the team and support each other.

Kill Team Enemies With Kindness

I’ve worked on teams where I’ve been told flat out that they wouldn’t do what they were supposed to in spite of any effort I gave. I’ve worked with egos the size of Texas who thought that their role was more important than anyone else’s. I’ve worked with lazy people who give just enough effort to collect their paycheck. And if I’ve learned just one thing about each of these people, kindness and support goes much further than micromanaging and pointing out flaws.

As soon as I turned the conversations around on them asking how I could support them, how I could make their day go better or how I could help them shine, their walls came down. (Even the one who said he would willfully ruin everything just to watch what I would do.) When they realized that I was on their team to make them be amazing, everything changed.

Encourage & Celebrate Wins

I enjoy watching football, particularly when a team can’t be stopped on their way to the goal line. The energy that the players have towards each other expands that momentum to keep moving towards the end zone. My favorite moments of football are touchdowns and the celebrations that follow them. (Do you remember the Icky Shuffle? I loved that one!) Keep your team motivated by acknowledging the good that they create. Create “high five” notes to thank each other (or even slap some high fives!) When the team overcomes an obstacle or reaches their goal, make sure to celebrate the win.

Just remember that you have the ability to create the dream team culture with every team that you work with, whether you are the leader or a team member. When members of the team are happy, they work productively together. And remember that kindness and respect in a team will create some pretty awesome synergy!