Does Your Business Create Happiness?

Think about that question for a moment. Most businesses are focused on production and profits leaving behind the “softer side” of what they are creating. But what would happy employees and clients mean to your business? A whole lot of money and a better environment, that is for sure.

There are a lot of elements that go into creating happiness. I like to think of the process as starting from within and pushing happiness out, somewhat like the ripple effect so many speak of. I believe that constantly creating happiness in the world around you elevates everything. Teams thrive, systems work, profits are generated and business increases. So why don’t more businesses focus on this?

I’ve been in the business of creating happiness now for over a decade. I can tell you without a doubt, by keeping happiness as my focus, business is booming. New opportunities are constantly appearing and my clients and business associates drive business more than any other form of marketing. I believe it has revolutionized my way of doing business along with financial results, just as it can for you too.

Just how do you shift your focus on creating happiness? Start small then work your way into bigger things. Whether you are starting your business or making changes to an existing business, the following questions will help you on your path to creating happiness at work:

Begin with the focus of becoming happy doing your work. What changes could you make to put yourself into a positive state while working?

Next move into the work environment and teams. What can you do to improve the environment to work in? How can you support and nurture the talents of others and effectively create synergistic team performance?

Shift your focus on the client experience. How can you make each touch point result in making your clients happy? What can you do in challenging situations to create a happy outcome? What systems can you implement to create a seamless happy experience across all departments?

Lastly, look for how you can leverage the happiness you create. How can you best utilize the results from creating happiness to increase business and retain talent? What is the best timing for capturing this happiness and sharing it with others? What outlets will you use to share the happiness you create?

What are you waiting for? Get out there and create some happiness!